Why Etcher Makes Burning Images Simpler and Safer?

Well, if you are an IT professional or developer, you probably need to switch OS from time to time. Even if you are a simple computer user, shifting OS or performing fresh installation of your OS to increase speed is what you must be looking for.

Most of us have an “OS images” folder in our PC to try out different operating systems according to the work. The problem here is OS images can’t be simply copied and pasted into the USB drive and you can’t just double click and run it. You need to burn the image file to the SD card or Pen Drive in a way that it becomes bootable. For that, you need to format the external drive in a system file format. Now, this can get really annoying while doing it manually using commands.

Good for you, Etcher is here to get the job done easily! It is an open source image writing utility that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The user-friendly interface and fast flash speed makes it a great choice for burning image files to USB drives.

Why and How Etcher Makes Burning Images Simpler?

There are many image burning utilities out there but most of them have multiple options and settings which can confuse the users. If not careful, you can even end up formatting your hard disk. Etcher focuses on eliminating this complexity by making the image burning process simpler. Just three options – Flash from File, Select Target, and Flash! Three simple steps is all you need to follow to burn any OS image file to your USB flash drive or SD card. Choose your ISO image, select the USB drive and click on Flash. Your work is done. That’s how simple it is!

Why is it Safer?

What do we mean by safer? There are two things to be discussed at this point. Firstly, when we say safer, we are comparing it to the other tools in which many users choose the wrong disk and end up deleting or erasing their system’s hard drive. That’s not the case with Etcher as you will only be displayed the USB drives and SD cards connected to your computer.

Secondly, most of the image writing utilities simply write the image files directly to the USB drives without checking and validating them. This increases the risk of corrupt files getting copied to the pen drive, which might result in errors. On the other hand, Etcher automatically validates the image file before starting the burning process. If the checksum (integrity parameter) of the file doesn’t match, Etcher won’t proceed further. This will save your time and USB drive as well from getting corrupted.

That’s how downloading Etcher makes burning images simpler and safer than other utilities. Also, the support forums of this utility are always active and you will get support directly from the developers team quickly. So, use Etcher without any doubt as you won’t find a better user experience!

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