Best Linux Distributions For Beginners

Top Linux Distributions For Beginners

Linux was earlier used mainly by developers, programmers, system/network administrators, and Enterprise users for hosting web applications and writing shell scripts. It is because of the complex user interface and some more non-user friendly features, that made everyone think that Linux is really tough to work on!  But now, that’s not the scenario. A lot … Read more

What does Etcher do? (Detailed Guide)

What Does Etcher Do

You might have come across this name – Etcher frequently while installing a new operating system on your PC and might be thinking about what Etcher actually does. Well, don’t you worry, we have got you covered for this. We have composed a quick go-to guide that will explain everything about Etcher, from what it … Read more

How to Burn SD Cards with Etcher?

How to Burn SD Cards with Etcher

Seriously, I would prefer USB drives to burn OS images because of the high transfer speed they offer. So, what brings you here? You want to install an operating system on your Raspberry Pi board that only supports an SD card. You do not have an USB drive and want to install OS on a … Read more

How to Install MacOS Using Etcher?

How to Install MacOS Using Etcher

MacOS is Apple’s popular operating system that is ruling the industry after Windows. Because Windows is Windows and no one can beat it. However, many users want to try out MacOS and switching to this OS doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy an expensive Mac! You can create a bootable pen … Read more