How to Create Bootable Ubuntu USB drive for Mac?

This is going to be a super quick visual walk-through for running Ubuntu with the help of a Bootable USB drive.


  • USB stick / USB thumb drive / USB flash drive with a minimum 4GB storage capacity
  • An Apple computer or laptop with macOS
  • Download Etcher- a free and open source software
  • An Ubuntu ISO file

**We require an ISO file for this process, so for this-Head on to Ubuntu’s download page and simply download the version that best fits you.

Creating a Bootable Ubuntu USB drive:

  • Get a USB stick and plug it in to an appropriate port of your computer.
  • This process will work with any distribution of Linux. We are working here with an ISO image of UBUNTU.
  • Open Etcher and click Select image and locate the Ubuntu ISO file. Try locating it in the downloads folder.
  • Click Select drive and choose your USB stick.
  • Click Flash to start writing your ISO file to USB flash drive. Enter your password in the next screen that pops up.
  • The Flash stage of the process will show:
    • progress, speed and an estimated time left until completion. 
  • Flashing stage is followed by a validation stage which ensures that the contents of the USB device are matching to the iso image.
  • Click on ‘Eject’ in order to remove this USB drive safely from the computer and complete the process.
  • Success! Now you can use this USB drive to install Ubuntu by simply following these steps:
    • Plug the USB drive into a computer.
    • Reboot the computer and install Ubuntu.
      • Press F12 till you get into the boot sector of your system and then just change the boot order to boot from the USB drive.
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