Who am I?

Hello to all you beautiful souls of the internet,

Let me quickly introduce myself, I am Michael Ross, yes I know what you’re thinking, no I am not the Mike from SUITS sorry for the disappointment, though I wouldn’t mind being him, haha.

I have been playing with my PC, whom I like to call “BigMac” named after my favourite burger from quite a few years now, have done considerate updates and coded more websites than you can imagine and tried almost all the softwares you can find in the market. It has been long for me and one thing I have understood over time is, no matter how much knowledge and information internet has scattered, all over the place, there is still a need and space for one more helpful website which can provide “systematic & required information” at one place.

About 4 year back, I wanted to create ISO for my PC so that I can format my old PC to sell and settle a new one. I tried all the flashing tool software available, went through major glitching and realised one of the most important and foundational need is least talked about, decided to go through all the softwares and create a guide so that you don’t end up facing the problems I did and lose the data of “years of sweat, blood and tears”

Here people, I present to you *DRUMROLLS* – a whole foundational guide of balenaEtcher: https://etcherpc.com

If you happen to read this and have gone through the website and *very unfortunately* could not find what you came for, please drop me an e-mail or comment to help me make this guide helpful, diverse and informative about what I can add more for you and your friends.

Alright then it is a pleasure to e-meet you, Thank you so much for your time and I hope I was able to help you some way, I appreciate your support to my work.